What Does Body Awareness Have To Do with Being Right?


It feels like we need to do something special, think up something smart, or achieve something grand to be doing the right thing in our life. It is my opinion that that belief exists because of a misperception we have that our body is not a whole. Why would these two issues have anything to do with each other?

Our skeleton is a whole, i.e., the head and neck are always attached to the torso and the rest of the body. But, it doesn’t seem like this from our internal perspective. Why not? There is something about the way muscle tension distorts perception, our awareness that all our bones (including our head) are physically linked together and equally present all the time. Our inner muscular contraction, familiar stiffening, puts us into a focus on our thought process, the story in our head, which leaves us with an impression that all of us isn’t where we actually are in space and time, on the couch for example. Thoughts make us feel like our body is where they are. Additionally, muscles compressing our skeleton distorts the balance of our structure, but of course cannot really pull our bones apart from each other. However, we often experience ourself to be somewhat fragmented. Still, why is this relevant to anything other than how we feel physically?

The fact that the body is not fragmented, in truth, and never not where it is in real time, means that the activities we are in, all day, every day, are the real ones occurring. This means that nothing else (regarding our behavior) was ever physically possible. Nevertheless, we believe, very strongly, that other behavior was and is possible, because we are chronically guided by the information we receive from our mental messages tricking us into believing we live in its alternative reality.

At least for the past and this moment (and it will continually be this moment) the physical placement and action of our body is a real, true thing and nothing else pertaining to our state of action is ever a real, true thing. This signifies that every inch of our behavior was and currently is the right thing for us to be doing. Thus, we don’t need to be doing something special, thinking up something smart or achieving something grand to be doing the right thing. All we need to remember is that our body is a whole, in whatever place and action it is in, regardless of where we drift off to in our mind. And, even if we don’t remember this reality, we will still, always be doing the right thing.

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