Related Themes

1-Sam Harris, neuroscientist, philosopher and author speaking on the illusion of free will:  Video Here

2- Jerry Coyne, professor of biology and author of Why Evolution is True and Faith vs. Fact speaking on the illusion of free will:  Video Here

3- Alex Rosenberg: “Why You Don’t Know Your Own Mind”:  Article Here

4-Tom Clark, founder of the Center for Naturalism and author of the book Encountering NaturalismArticle Here

5-Daniel Wegner (social psychologist), The Illusion of Conscious Will:   Book Here

6-Patricia Churchland (neurophilospher), Touching a Nerve, The Self as Brain:  Book Here

7- Byron Katie on free will:  Video Here

8-Alex Rosenberg: The Atheist’s Guide to Reality: Enjoying Life Without Illusions:  Book Here

9-Alex Rosenberg interviewed on youtube “Why Are We Here?”:  Video Here

10-Susan Blackmore on free will (Science and Nonduality Conference 2012):  Video Here

11-Tom Clark referencing Galen Strawson on luck:  Article Here

12-Interview with Susan Blackmore on The Self, Free Will and Consciousness:  Video Here

13-Sam Harris: The Self Is an Illusion:  Video Here


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