“The Myth of Doing” and “Body Over Mind: a mindful reality check”

Testimonials for Body Over Mind

 “A beautifully written explanation of why people suffer from the pressure of having to do something to fix their life circumstances.  An approach that after years of searching for relief was amazingly helpful. I’ve suffered from anxiety most of my life, and this book helped me to see things in a new and different way!” –Maria Tzianabos, M.A. Family Practice Medicine; Dance Faculty, University of Southern Maine

“Eng’s book lights a path for freeing ourselves from the clutter of obligatory, guilt-ridden, and assumed or projected thoughts that are essentially irrelevant and distract us from taking effective action in the here-and-now.  We learn to accept and be guided by the unique thread of events that concretely define us and set us apart as individuals in our journey through time.” –Michael Moser, Student of the Alexander Technique and Mindful Reality

“Ms. Eng offers us a wonderful synthesis of respected visionaries as well as an intimate look into her own process observing the field of the body over decades. Her continual refrain that we cannot be doing any other action than what is already occurring is highly valuable as we look into what it means to inhabit the present moment.  Eng deftly weaves esoteric principles into a helpful framework for our everyday lives.” -Katie West, Founder and Director, The Levity Institute

“Eng has thoroughly researched her subject matter and brings it to the page with a passion that is unquestionable.” -Jessica Lockhart, Radio Producer WMPG Portland, ME; Media Studies Instructor at University of Southern Maine

SECOND BOOK (published in 2016)



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Testimonials for The Myth of Doing

“The Myth of Doing shatters the illusion of free will. Rather than discouraging us with this awareness, Eng presents an alternative vision that allows us to access inner peace and clarity.” -Maxine Sclar, Clinical Social Worker

“In this well-grounded book, Ms. Eng eloquently helps to put the argument of free will to rest. Distilling the wisdom of the past and present-day, she makes perfectly clear the meaning of now, so the future can take care of itself. Eng reveals that the mysterious conductor of our life’s orchestra is the Universe, and when we let ourself experience its inherent harmonies, we realize the complete freedom that already exists.” -Susannah Sanfilippo, Certified Yoga Instructor, MindBody Educator, Artist

“Eng’s work raises the questions: What if one could truly walk in another’s shoes? Would one, being that person, act otherwise than he or she acts? Could one act differently? The Myth of Doing teaches us that if we want to know ourselves, we must look only to the present moment. Know thyself. Read this book!” -Christopher Miller, Writer


Body Over Mind

Body Over Mind is compatible with works by Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, Stephen Levine, and Robert Rabbin in its attempt to highlight the differences between thought and reality, and to foster an acceptance of what is. Backed by principles developed by F.M. Alexander, including the wholeness of the individual, the harmonious integration of the body, and a retraining of our reactions to mental and physical stress, Eng grounds us in our “physical reality,” which she defines as the existence of an individual in his or her activity in space and time. In her words, our physical reality gives us “an unmovable truth to pit against our skeptical thought process that unremittingly tries to talk us out of our personal status.” Relieving symptoms of anxiety, depression, and emotional pain stemming from worry, guilt, self-doubt, self-blame and a preoccupation with “should” thoughts, Eng offers a unique approach to mindfulness that disempowers self-judgment and negative self-talk. Designed to be used as a tool for combating the pressures of everyday life, or to simply enjoy as an insightful read, this book assimilates aspects of Buddhism, Hinduism, and modern-day practices that address the self-critical component of the human mind that victimizes so many of us on a moment to moment basis. Eng calls this practice, Mindful Reality.

The Myth of Doing 

This book validates who we are and what we do, despite our mind’s disapproving theories. The Myth of Doing speaks to the awareness that the mere state of being alive automatically puts us into activity, which means we are bound to whatever that action is in any particular moment. Drawing from eastern philosophies, naturalism, determinism, neuroscience, psychology and the Alexander Technique, all which illuminate non-dualistic perspectives on the human experience, Eng uses original language in directing us toward our own physical reality, which she brought to light in her first book, Body Over Mind. She now immerses us into the free will debate by highlighting the involuntarism of human behavior and our birthright to being part of the scientific, natural world. Acknowledgement of our interconnectedness with the cosmos can emotionally support us in our journey through our unique, personal timeline. Because our behavior is a result of physical laws and part of a causal chain that encompasses the entire universe, we can realize that the self-judging, inner criticism we commonly experience is based in illusion. As each of us must be on the single path we are on, this body of work Eng calls Mindful Reality can serve as a counterpoint to the mental efforts and pressures we assume necessary to carry out all of our choices and actions.

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