Personal Research

My work consists of observing my bodily movement, just to see what the particular activities are, as that tells me what I should be doing in my life. Otherwise, how could I know? Everything would be speculation, prediction. This shows me exactness. But, it’s unglamorous work. When broken down to actual physical motion of body […]

Something Else

If we are not doing the things we believe we should be doing, then the message is that we are supposed to be doing “something else.” Often, the things I am doing are not in my mental line of vision, so, I don’t even recognize them as “things.” We align and attach to certain interests […]

Riding Planet Earth

I believe we can more easily give up effort, or at least question its necessity, when we know there is something else doing the work for us. This is very much what my work is about, being that this mindfulness practice has evolved from my experience as an Alexander Technique teacher where the primary focus […]

Naturalism and Buddhism: An Excerpt from Naturalist Writer Tom Clark on Desire

Tom Clark is director of the non-profit Center for Naturalism and author of Encountering Naturalism: A Worldview and Its Uses. He writes on science, free will, consciousness, addiction and other topics, and maintains, an extensive resource on worldview naturalism. I highly encourage you to check out his webiste. Below is a passage of his I […]