What We Should Not Be Doing

For me, the most comforting knowledge is the recognition that there truly are things I should not be doing. It is amazing to me how powerful my thoughts are, and how much I believe they are correct in their messages. Using my physical reality, i.e., my physical status in time and space, as a truthful indicator of my whereabouts and actions moment to moment, assures me that I am on the right track with how I spend my time. This is not a subjective matter of belief, or opinion, but physical proof, in the same way we understand the moon, earth and sun to be where they are, doing what they are doing, every step of the way.

Especially in a time as we are in, with such seeming uncertainty in the world, many of us are feeling even more pressure to act in ways we believe we should be acting, to save our country and ourselves. But it does not matter how dire a situation is. Physical reality dictates our activities and we must abide. Speaking for myself, if my body is where it is in any given moment, immersed in the activity it is in (no matter how I think I got there), it is absolutely physically impossible for me to be somewhere else at the same time, doing something else. If I believe I should be planning something else for the next moment, that too is physically impossible, as I can only have the thoughts on my mind that I have. Our body is 100% physical, no matter how we cut it (no pun intended) and so if we find ourself doing what we are doing (in any and every moment of our life) this unconditionally cancels out the possibility of any other physical action or thought for that moment (as thoughts too are physical events in the brain). This means we can scratch off our internal to do list any thought or action that isn’t the one we are currently in, no matter what the outside pressures or expectations. Remove the pressure; it is based in fiction. See reality; it is based in truth.

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