Decision-Making Guaranteed


If we are alive, then we are in activity for the continual stream of time that is our life. This means our brain makes ongoing decisions for us about how we spend our time, barring not even a millisecond.

This is relevant because we struggle over the concept of how to make decisions, and, moreover, how to ensure the right ones. But, we are guaranteed decision-making with birth, no matter how efficient or in sync it is with our desires (unless one is brain-dead, which is of course a different conversation). This is no different than the rest of our health and status. We are dependent on the functioning of our physiology to determine all our behavior.

Because we cannot be in two places at once, wherever we find our body in a given moment is the decision that was made for us. Since it is impossible to not be somewhere, we are guaranteed a lifetime of choices. As it is my observation that our decisions are consciously choice less, firstly, because we can only discover what we do after we see ourself doing it, and, secondly, because there is no central-commanding “self” in the brain the way it feels, this is all automatic.

Even if one does not agree with these last two points, our decisions are still guaranteed if we are alive. This is because existence and action are synonymous. The existence of a physical body in coordination with the progression of time inherently denotes what we call action. The fear that we could ever not be in some action (doing something) is unfounded. I harp on this because I suspect we often suffer from a belief that we will either be stuck in time or hit a wall of not being able to figure out what to do next. Whether one believes we choose our decisions via a conscious self or not, there is still no need for concern over the possibility of inaction. A body of matter will always be in action for every moment of its existence even if that is just lying down on a bed. This comes for free. We can settle into this truth.

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