The Guessing Mind

The mind guesses. What else could it do? The future, even 3 minutes from now, has not arrived yet for any human being to know anything that will happen. The only tool we have to speculate with regarding our future is our thinking mind. No matter what we call it, whether it is a sense of intuition, premonition, statistical prediction, consciousness, energy or thought, it all registers to us as information that appears in some form or another.

But this information can only be a guess. If events occur in time, that is, in coordination with the clock, then the ones that are going to occur after now have not yet happened for anyone to actually know. If they have not yet occurred, then no source of information could provide the key to that knowledge. This is common sense and aligns with our general understanding of reality. It is just that our mind gives us a convincing feeling that we somehow have the power to know how a situation will unfold. No one knows.

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