A Perspective on the Future

It is interesting to realize that this present moment and the action we are currently in, is the future of our past moments. We are currently “in the future” we imagined in the past. Since our idea of the future often makes us feel nervous because we worry that we won’t prepare well to get the right and necessary things done, it is comforting to mentally switch our perspective. Instead of phrasing this here as “now” which sets us up to anxiously perceive an unknown future, what is it like to call this here now, the future?

In this scenario there is nothing to fear. It gives us a sense of how fear can be overrated. Thinking about the future is compounded by a concern that we have to do something to make the future (and our actions) come, but the future always arrives automatically (as this moment bleeds into the next as we speak). By identifying the present as the future of our past, we impress upon our mind that we are already in the future, and thus achieving everything that is needed.

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