It Is Easy to Know What We Should Be Doing


It is easy to know what we should be doing with our life, how we should be spending our time. It is as effortless as identifying the weather. Do we ever consider what the weather today “should” be? Or, do we accept it as is, grasping that there are no options for the conditions of the weather, especially once they are presented to us. How do we know what the weather is? We see (feel) it. Would there be any other way to find out? Are predictions 100% reliable? And, if they were, would we always like the forecast?

Weather conditions are natural events, no different than human behavior. Human actions are natural events; they occur by physically composed bodies, in space, in real time. Though we may argue in our mind with what the weather is in a given moment, we are never confused it could be otherwise. When we dispute the conditions of our own behavior, however, we do, somehow, believe it could be otherwise. This is worth examining. How could it possibly be different and how does its materialization contrast in nature with that of the weather’s?

We understand weather’s status to evolve from prior conditions, and so on, back in time, one state imperceptibly emerging out of its preceding form. This process makes sense to us because we comprehend that weather is entirely physical. Conversely, we are not grounded in this knowledge when it pertains to our behavioral state of affairs. Why the mix-up?  In what ways are we not wholly physical? And, if we are, then how could our activity not follow physical laws as does the weather’s?

It’s okay that our actions are physical, as it has always and only been that way throughout history. This awareness doesn’t change anything or leave anything out. All our actions present as they should, the seemingly good with the bad, as is the case with the weather. Morality, as it exhibits in human behavior, is a natural state, sometimes labeled good, sometimes bad. It does itself, like everything else in nature. Morality isn’t excluded because we acknowledge that we and our actions are of pure material make-up. It is simply a shift in understanding like with anything else we discover to be true, Earth’s roundness and revolution around the sun, for two examples. We can incorporate this fact and carry on with our life, knowing that nothing has changed. Once we learned of our planet’s conduct and shape it was clear that was how it had always been.


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