Come Out of Tension

  Though it seems like tension and stressful thinking assist with the things we believe we need to do in our life, they do not. Our real life physical actions have nothing to do with the mental and physical efforts we feel and identify with; they are purely muscular, lending to an inner sensation of […]

Action Is Easy

Action is easy. When we are in it, it is just happening. It is our inner reaction to what we do that hurts, feeling arduous or painfully scary. If we come out of that, via releasing our fight or flight tension, we are just left with seeing (if even) what we are doing, our task […]


Why this? It’s all there is. This is such a basic realization. Meanwhile, we spend our life negating it, doubting it, looking elsewhere. I have no choice but to be where my body is. I watch. Touch your face to see that you are here. You can see your face with your eyes, parts of […]