Action Is Easy

Action is easy. When we are in it, it is just happening. It is our inner reaction to what we do that hurts, feeling arduous or painfully scary. If we come out of that, via releasing our fight or flight tension, we are just left with seeing (if even) what we are doing, our task […]

No Effort

As an Alexander Technique teacher for 20 years, I have been in the business of illuminating how muscular effort is an extraneous phenomenon in our life. Generally, in an Alexander application, this pertains to walking, talking, sitting, standing, and moving through our everyday activities (for example, we don’t need to tense our neck or back […]

Audiobook announcement

Body Over Mind is now available in audiobook format read by me! You may purchase via the below links. There is also a free 5 minute sample. Enjoy! AUDIOBOOK on amazon… itunes… audible

Real Time

In my work I highlight the difference between what I call thought time and real time. Putting our attention on real time allows us to follow the progression of our body’s activity from one moment to the next. I find this useful in order to remind myself that I am always engaged in some activity, […]