The Present Tense

We are born into the present tense. It is then the present tense for the rest of our life. From our perspective, we live in one long moment because we cannot sense the shifts of what we think of as one moment changing into the next. We can only perceive this moment. Those incremental differences […]

Always Present

Presence generally implies an attention or focus on our existence in our body here and now. But, presence can just mean our existence in the space our body is occupying regardless of anything we are paying attention to or thinking about. We cannot not be present in the space all the time. We are always […]

Thought Blobs

“The practice tells me the truth about how I should be spending my time.” This is my mantra in my work and what always makes me feel good when I recite it to myself. The reason this soothes me is because it is the opposite of what I otherwise believe. Without it, I am left […]

One Action

Because we cannot divide time into segments, our body is really in one stream of physical movement from the moment it is conceived (and of course continuous with the moment before that). There is no beginning or end to our activities even though we identify them in our mind as specific individual actions. In the […]