Riding Planet Earth

I believe we can more easily give up effort, or at least question its necessity, when we know there is something else doing the work for us. This is very much what my work is about, being that this mindfulness practice has evolved from my experience as an Alexander Technique teacher where the primary focus […]

Sam Harris on Free Will

As my work puts forth the pronouncement that all human behavior is involuntary, i.e., automatic and choiceless, it overlaps with the age-old issue of free will discussed by philosophers, cognitive scientists, and neuroscientists. I reference many of these in my second book, “The Myth of Doing.” Sam Harris, both a philosopher and a neuroscientist, wrote […]

Preface to My Second Book, “The Myth of Doing: Managing Guilt, Shame, Anxiety, Regret and Self-Judgment”

After completing my first book, Body Over Mind, I was propelled into research around the findings of neurophysiologist Benjamin Libet who in 1983 discovered that a volitional signal for action shows up in the brain before a person is conscious of the intention to act.  This moved me into exploring the neuroscientific studies that have […]

One Action

Because we cannot divide time into segments, our body is really in one stream of physical movement from the moment it is conceived (and of course continuous with the moment before that). There is no beginning or end to our activities even though we identify them in our mind as specific individual actions. In the […]