Mindful Reality Video Recording Q&A Series

Below you will find a series of five Q & A audio recordings that appear on my YouTube channel. Although they are presented as episodes, there is no connection between them, so it does not matter which order they are heard.

Take a listen!

Episode 5: Charlotte

Charlotte asks: “I feel a lot of resistance to my feelings–feelings that I can’t even name. What are your thoughts?”

Episode 4: Sam

Sam asks: “I can’t accept my life as it is now, or any aspect of it. I’d like to get to that stage of acceptance that spiritual teachers talk about, but just can’t. What are your thoughts on this subject?”

Episode 3: Max

Max asks: I need constant stimulation, and have a lot of addictive activities that I engage in. You might call these “soft” addictions, like over internetting, over eating, or being on my smart phone too much. I’m not sure what to do about this, or if there is anything I can do. Is there any way to “beat” an addiction, or is there really no choice in the matter?

Episode 2: Abigail

Abigail asks: I deal a lot with desire, and wanting to change that desire. I would like to be less attached to the outcomes of my life. Maybe I’ll be alone, maybe not. I want to be okay with being alone though. Would you be able to speak on that? 

Episode 1: Martin

Martin asks: The recent covid pandemic has had a lot of people seeing the benefits of working from home, or having more free time to themselves. It just seems to be in the public consciousness now with mass resignation, like there’s an angst in the country. And I can feel it too, but also have obligations, be it social or work. I feel trapped in different areas of my life, and would like to just say the hell with it all, but I find myself in uncomfortable situations that I don’t want to be in, and I’m always trying to devise a way out of them instead of just accepting it. I’m a creative person, and would much rather be focusing on my own interests than responsibilities that I’m being forced into. What are your thoughts on this?