Where Is What

You cannot not be where your body is because there is no “you” other than the organism that is your body in space. This whereabouts is our only action, “I am standing in the kitchen making coffee.” There is no additional action occurring by our person the way it feels. Those feelings are thoughts, distractions, […]

Feeling Pressure to “Do” Something: The Physical Reality Principle

When I am feeling stressed, whether it be a result of guilt, worry, sadness, anger or fear, I feel like I need to do something to make things better.  When weighed down by this pressure, I tell myself very directly that doing something is a physical act that requires the use and availability of my body.  If my body is […]

The Issue of Fragmentation: The Mind-Body Connection

Notwithstanding the innate harmonization of the body, many of us still perceive ourself to be fragmented. The mind, for one, is commonly thought of as other than the body, and it is this misperception I would like to address here. The universal phrase “mind-body connection” reflects the impression that the mind and the body are […]