Don’t Be Fooled by Your Imaginings

wooden chair in empty room

You really are somewhere very specific, but perhaps believe you shouldn’t be. That is so odd to consider. Why would someone doubt reality? The attachment to the surface we’re on, right now (chair, couch, bed, floor, ground), is just as absolute as the attachment of our ribs to our spine. The surface is undeniably that one, not some other. Our weight on its weight, gravity planting us there. Stuck like glue to the matter underneath us. Notice it always because it’s never not there. Forever on something. Even if you are jumping in the air, you will land again somewhere.

That designated surface is as much a part of us as our skin, and it tells the real story of our life, where we are and what we are doing: breathing, washing a dish, singing a song, getting dressed. Why would we believe it could be otherwise? What is that program in our head, so reliable, habitual, yet so mistaken? Following an inner story that doesn’t reflect reality. Yet, the story and its existence are so familiar. Meanwhile, our bones are attached to a specific surface that tells the truth, like the findings in an archaeological dig. It alone reveals our verifiable whereabouts together with our actual doings (bodily movements on that couch, chair, bed, floor, ground). Don’t be fooled. Believe reality, as you see it physically in real time, not as you imagine it in a deluded dream state. It is safe, because it is always changing.

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