The Answer to All Our Problems


Fall is coming here in Maine. I can feel it. It’s been a few weeks I can sense the change; although we will still get some hot days this week. So interesting to have the evenings and nights cooler. There is a mixed feeling of pleasure and darkness with fall and winter around the corner. Maine summers are so short and that is why that feeling is so apparent. But I am enjoying the seasonal shift.

I am always deeply steeped in this work I do, appreciating every minute of the awareness that I can never stop myself from doing the right thing. I recognize that the movement my body is in in this moment is the answer to every question I have about any past or future aspect of my life. That statement may not make sense if you are not familiar with what I write about so I will refresh for those who are new.

When my mind gets fixated or concerned about something regarding my past or future, I remind myself that there is no such thing as “doing” in the way it is generally felt. The feeling of doing is only a muscular contraction of tension in the body that is mistakenly interpreted as action, or a need for action. But that is not what action is. Action is the particular whereabouts and movement we see our body in in the present moment. This platform of action, as we observe and know it, of our body moving around on the surface it’s on in relation to other material objects it interacts with (“I am sitting on the couch drinking a cup of tea”), this current place of physical existence and movement, is the only real doing that will ever take place (by any of us). It is a continual physical stream of activity and nothing more. There are simultaneously ideas and thoughts floating around in one’s head, which translate into feelings and emotions, but those are not actions and never will be. They may sometimes correlate with real activity our body engages in, but thoughts and feelings are not actions. There is no problem with this because we will always be in a specific action, guaranteed by the fact that we physically exist. It is there for us to see and there is nothing to do to make it happen.

This actual stage of action, the surface we are momentarily on, and the precise movements of our limbs (head bones included), mark the real actions of our organism all throughout its life. Because this is the only type of action that can ever occur by an individual person, we can know that the one we’re in right now is the right one (even if the act is atrocious). It is the correct one because it’s the only one physically possible. It flows from the one before it and before it and before it back to our conception. This is simple, and easy to grasp, but complicated because of the misperception that our thoughts, emotions, feelings, ideas, opinions, judgments, etc. are our actions and that there is something we need to do and figure out to make our body act. That is a cognitive illusion because we are always in some state of physical action.

Because real actions are the body’s existence and movement in real time, they are immediately accessible to view and find out about. In truth, this is the most primary information we can discover about our own life. And, since these are the only actions that will ever be available to any of us, you can affirm that the one you’re in right now is the right one for whatever issue is on your mind. It doesn’t matter how serious or insurmountable the matter may seem, your only tool for action is your body and it can only be in the movement it’s in in this moment (because it’s always this moment). You cannot erase what it’s doing (from time) or stop the next one from coming. The arrival of what your body will do next is one and the same with the arrival of the next second. They come together and there is no way to prevent that phenomenon.

So, it’s exciting to me to know that anything I’m worried about, any small to grand seeming problem, is directly and accurately addressed by the physical activity I am in now and ongoingly. In fact, “this” movement is always continuous because there is no way to stop the flow of bodily motion (if one is alive). There is no this and then that. There is just a single flow of lifetime movement from conception to death. Therefore, this action that I see now (since it’s always now), is the only solution to all my mentally perceived problems, past and future.

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