Your Life Is Set

Your life is set,

like a table.

You are always there, here, in a place

among other things, people, surfaces.

You can brace against that physical life-setting

by tensing your muscles and

fighting in your thoughts,

or not.

Either way, you are still occupying that space, physically (like part of a table-setting),

in a room, or somewhere outdoors.

Just see the set-up, simply, as it is,

your body among everything else.

Our life is set.

The only thing to do is come out of reaction,

if we please.

We can say our whole life is set, from here on in,

because nothing will ever be different than being physically in some place,

weighted on some surface, in a room or outdoors,

among other things, people and surfaces.

It is there for us to see, 

like a table-setting.

Only in our mind can we fly away

from this life-long scene.

We are each part of a continuous physical setting,

every millisecond of our life,

in some space, among everything else we see, hear and touch.

Our lives are set.

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