What’s the Matter?

rear view of a boy sitting on grassland

Your body is simply where it is. You can see this. And, here it is again, with the next stroke of the clock. There was nothing to do to make that progression of time or presence in space happen. No effort.

This is how our whole life will be, never anything more complicated, even if there is melodrama in our mind. The body (as a whole) involuntarily occupies space and that is where and what action is, the only doing that will ever take place by any of us.

This doesn’t feel right to the mind that is sure there is more to it all! More work to be done. Where would that work be? It is in the thoughts and physical tension one endures, but there is nothing more to be physically produced than the effortless simplicity of the body on the surface it is on, moving in the specific motions in which it finds itself.

We can see that this is our life, just our ongoing occupation of space. All the actions we will ever execute will take place on the particular ground, chair, couch, bed currently under us. All movements occur by that body, right there.

There is no need to look elsewhere for answers to the persistent, nagging internal question, “What’s the matter?” The mind will always feed a problem/worry response to that query, but that can always be solved by looking at the surface we are on to know that that is the only “matter” required to fix anything, our body falling onto the specific furniture/floor of that moment. See it, feel it, to understand that that is your only action, the only doing necessary (or possible) to fulfill the dire concerns of your mind. There is no room for anything else to ever be occurring. It is only in our imagination that that is possible.

“How will I ever do (such and such)?” “By sitting on this chair, engaged in this task.” This is our action, the only one that will ever exist. It presents automatically, a birthright (for better or worse), no matter how hard we search for some other solution. It will forever be the only route we can take. The good news is that it is the right route.

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