Some Holiday Offerings

I want to apologize to you all who follow me that my blog posting has become so infrequent. I have been working hard on my third book (three years into the making now) and unfortunately it has taken a toll on my blogging (and completion of a podcast). But here are some offerings:

1)   For those of you who enjoy my perspective, I highly recommend rereading old posts. They are gifts that keep on giving! Simply go to my site and click on the Blog Posts section and they are laid out in chronological order.

2)   For others who get something out of my work, I would like to offer a free download of the audiobook for my first book “Body Over Mind: a mindful reality check: attaining psychological freedom by confronting thought with reality” (read by me) from now through January 31, 2019. I have 10 copies to give so please let me know of your interest by emailing me at and I will forward the download instructions to you!

3)   Below is a beautiful short youtube for your enjoyment.

Wishing you all peace of mind for this season and the New Year!


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