On the World Map

blur cartography close up concept

I receive joy in knowing we get everything that will ever be for us for free. Nothing can be left out. This is because our body is never not existing in the space. If it is in a state of constant existence, it is in a state of constant somewhereness. Somewhere means engaged in some type of activity (as in the least we are sleeping or sitting on a couch). Existence equals activity. We get activity for free if we exist.

Let’s call activity action. We are in a constant state of action. If we exist, we get this action for free. Free means free. What is the opposite of “for free?” Work, payment, owing, inner effort. Understand that continuous action never requires any of these because it comes for free.

Existence = Action. It’s a perfect equation. Notice how you are always somewhere, and, therefore, always in some state of action. You get all your productivity for free without work, payment, owing or inner effort. It is safe to stop believing any of these states are necessary to be appropriately productive. Test it out.

There mentally resides an illusion that we physically disappear from the world map, the space, and, thus, from our movement/activity/action. With this misperception comes a deep belief that there is something to do to reappear in the space, recreate our activity, generate our actions. This is a delusion because it is impossible to physically disappear. Even post-death bodies organically transform into further states of existence.

Notice how it feels/seems like you physically come and go from your movement/activities/actions. Then realize you don’t. See your constant somewhereness by touching the surface you are currently on, putting you some place on the world map. Our constant occupation of space can never be interrupted no matter where we go in our head. Somewhereness, action and productivity are guaranteed states of existence.

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