Wrong Ideas

addition black and white black and white chalk

If there is something you believe you should be doing right now that you are not, what is wrong is your belief and idea that you should be doing it, not the fact that you are not.

The idea that we should be (fill in the blank) right now is wrong, not the fact that we are not engaged in that activity. The placement and movement of our body in space and time is always the only physical path we should be on. That is nature. Let this knowledge and truth cancel out all fiction in your head about how you should be spending your time. We can only be right in our actions, nothing else is physically possible. Don’t waste mental time believing things that aren’t true. You are safe in the correctness of all your behavior, no matter what it is or what anyone may be believing about how you should be managing your life. Only time will tell how things will turn out. We must all wait.

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