People Watching

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People watching anywhere is composed of watching bodies move. This is how we know what they’re doing. Do we ever watch our own body move? It’s simple to do. Though of course we can’t see all our body parts, we know they are together as a whole. We rarely, if ever, think to observe our own bodily movements to know what we are doing the way we so regularly watch other bodies around us. Instead, we look to our thoughts to find out what we should and will do. But, they are not a primary resource.

We can apply “people watching” to our own person as we are always in the space, available for viewing. Look down at your bodily movements and see that they reflect exactly what you are doing. There is no gap of information, no middleman between what you do and what your bodily movements are. We certainly wouldn’t believe there was a middleman if we were watching people at the beach, a march, a rock concert, an airport or a supermarket. We see people around us all the time, understanding that their bodily movements indicate precisely what they are doing, what we call their actions. So, it is the same with ourself. What our body does in the space all day long is what we do in our life; it relays our only actions that will ever be, with nothing left out. Our mind cannot spin a truer tale though it presents itself as the ultimate spokesperson. Beware of its propaganda and see for yourself!

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