Looking at Real Life

trees in park

To follow real life, more specifically our own life, we can see what we do in each moment of our existence. Where can we see this? Not by turning to our ideas or thoughts, rather by observing our whole connected body in real time. Where can we find our body? By looking down at our body parts (everything of us under our head), which will be found on the surface they are placed on. Because of Earth’s gravitational pull, we are always on some surface, though rarely aware of that condition.

I like the word condition, like circumstance, because it indicates a status of events, like weather, but removes the sensed control we tend to presume about our own behavior. The conditions of our physical actions are that our body is in a specific place, on some surface, parts moving as they are. These are our real-time, real-life actions; they’re occurring whether we are aware of them or not. If we want to know about our personal behavior, we can observe these conditions.

Because our body is a whole, every part of us always together (including the thoughts we are having), all the actions we will ever take will be viewable on the surfaces we are on. Since we can only discover these conditions as they occur, which by the time our awareness registers them mentally is after the fact, we can note that they are beyond our conscious choosing.

Our personal circumstances, conditions, aka actions, are naturally displayed to us wherever our body’s weight is falling. One never need look to thoughts, emotions, feelings, beliefs, ideas, opinions, intuition, desires, or even the heart to know what she or he will do. It fascinates me that we are always on a surface, physically grounded, all our actions forever guaranteed, choiceless and exhibited.

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