New Beginnings

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Hi all,

My blogging has slowed down a bit lately, and I imagine it is because I have been developing a Mindful Reality podcast, which will hopefully launch shortly! It consists of writing scripts, editing the scripts, recording, editing the recordings, etc. I am very excited about the endeavor as it is a wonderful way for me to express my work more directly and personally. It has made me sad, however, to have been blogging less frequently. As they say, sometimes when a door opens, another one closes.

Hopefully this door will not close, rather expand into a fresher conversation, as I am here now talking to you. Back in early March, when I began blogging so actively, I was writing some creative pieces which was very fun for me, and different than my usual mode. I am trying that today as I would rather communicate than say nothing at all! Though you know what they say…I can’t actually remember what that is, but I think it’s something 😊.

The podcasting journey has been quite something thus far. I am producing it all myself, and it has been a great experience going through the trials and tribulations of perfecting sound and learning the ins and outs of Audacity. I have read before (my audiobook of Body Over Mind), so that is helpful, and have a friend who is a radio producer and audio editor. Good to have experienced people in one’s life. I cannot wait to share it with you all.

I leave you today with a quote from Alex Rosenberg (who may be my favorite modern philosopher) from his book, “The Atheist’s Guide to Reality: Enjoying Life Without Illusions”:

“Natural Selection has produced in us the confident feeling that along with a little foresight, we have a lot of now sight, when all we ever really have is hindsight.”

For more from Alex (as well as numerous other people!), you can view the Related Themes section of my blog. Also feel free to check out the Quotes section.

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