Where Is What

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You cannot not be where your body is because there is no “you” other than the organism that is your body in space. This whereabouts is our only action, “I am standing in the kitchen making coffee.” There is no additional action occurring by our person the way it feels. Those feelings are thoughts, distractions, preoccupations, about our life, daydreams, floating desires, interests, ideas, etc. All that mindstuff sparks a false impression, a misperception, an illusion that those are our actions. But, the only action a person can ever be in is her/his physical placement on a surface, and any other bodily movements by the arms, hands, legs, feet, eyes, mouth, etc. Since the body is a physical, connected whole, all its actions take place on the surface it is on. Parts cannot fly off and act elsewhere.

There is no middleman, so to speak, to make actions occur. We cannot prevent them from happening if we exist. This is because action and existence are synonymous. All that sensation of “doing” is tension and thought. If alive, our body is in the space no matter what, and by default in some activity, if only just sitting on the couch, breathing, circulating, and digesting. It feels like there is our person, and then an extra middleman of putting an action into motion. This is a serious misunderstanding. There is no inner effort necessary to simply be where we are, and this physical placement alone is our action/activity/doing. It is true that thoughts, feelings, emotions, ideas, and muscular tension are part of our existence, but we never need to attend to them the way it seems to execute an action. If we are in some place, we are already, automatically doing whatever we do.

If you want to know what you should be doing with your day and life, look down and see where you are in space and what your body parts are doing. This where is our what.

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