No Other Me


Is there another me than this body? What else could it be? If not, don’t “I” have to be where it is? Where is the argument? Sometimes “I” don’t like where I am. So, the conflict lies with what I like, not where I am. Is there a duplicate me that can act on behalf of what I like? One would believe so. One is certainly taught to believe so. Is this deception? Who started it? How can we not believe the deceit?

See, just see, see, see. See the body in the space, where it be. See the whole. Don’t leave out the top part, the skull, where the brain be. There it is, the head attached to the rest. There it is, a whole, in the space, on the chair, on the couch, on the ground. Where else could it be? In the sky, in the clouds in the trees? Wherever it is, it is not somewhere else. It lives and breathes in the place it is, now. Only now is where it can be found.

Do we need to look for it? Not really. Whether we see it or not it still does its thing. It can’t not. Can “I” stop it? “I” can try, but only to realize it doesn’t belong to me, but to nature. Nature breathes, sings, walks and talks. We see and hear nature when we do; we know it’s there when we don’t. There is nothing to do.

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