Come Out of Tension



Though it seems like tension and stressful thinking assist with the things we believe we need to do in our life, they do not. Our real life physical actions have nothing to do with the mental and physical efforts we feel and identify with; they are purely muscular, lending to an inner sensation of their necessity in causing behavior. This is an illusion. It is, therefore, always safe to completely come out of muscle tension as well as the experienced efforted pushing in our mind, which is also a result of muscular contractions in the face (inside and out), back of head, and neck. All is superfluous.

This information is full proof. All our actions occur with or without our tension and stress. Real actions are simply the existence of our body in space, i.e., the places it occupies and its bodily movements (walking, talking typing, driving eating, drinking, writing, exercising, etc.). Test it out. Play with coming out of tension in all your body parts and thoughts while you are in your activity. Ease up in the amount of effort you exert to do the simplest tasks and see that everything still gets done. It feels lighter, calmer, and yes, like you are doing less. But you are not; you are just absent the familiar pressure. Tension and mental effort do not contribute to anything except aches, pains, anxiety, frustration, fear, worry, regret, guilt, shame, blame, self-doubt and self-judgment.

Come out of tension. Let yourself feel better. You will not miss out on anything in your life, nor can you ever make a wrong move. Your brain and rest of body coordinate involuntarily, on your behalf, your whole life through. Take a break from effort, stress and tension and let some freedom in.




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