Like Seeing Through a Microscope


Observing what I refer to as our macro organism with our naked eye (looking at our skin and body parts) is like viewing our insides cellularly, molecularly, or atomically via a microscope. With the former, it is like looking through a microscope; we must sidestep our mind’s eye which blocks our direct vision of our real-time physical self with its seductive fictional representations. Whether perceiving the macro or micro, it is the same body of matter. However, conceiving ourself through our mental movie is not the same; it is imaginary. Fortunately, we don’t need a microscope to see our body from the outside.

As with microscopic findings, this outer inspection can also be life-changing in that it provides answers and solutions to all our questions and problems. We need know nothing more about ourself than witnessing our activities in real time. And, like a lab scientist, we have easy access to our subject. We can visually examine or touch our body to know that it is continually present and always in some activity.

This can be our private scientific research to put up against erroneous (mental) hypotheses. We can prove the reality of our own whereabouts and activity status any time of day (except when asleep). This is how physicians verify facts regarding health and other physiological conditions. It is also how archaeologists solidify the whereabouts and behavior of past organisms. They accrue knowledge based on the discovery of bones and other cellular artifacts. We too can observe our own bones and their movements to inform ourself what we are doing in our life. Bodily movement in real time is all action ever is. There is no need to rely on imaginary stories.

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