The Future Comes to Us


The future comes to us. What does that mean? It means we are just here in our activity and the future times arrive. Check it out. It is the new time now isn’t it? And now again? And again now? That’s how the future comes, even though it feels like we must push ourself into the future, or that we do push ourself into the future. In a way it’s like standing still, like if the sky opened and dropped rain on us for days upon days. Or, if you were a little kid wondering how you could reach an ocean wave and then your mom put you into the shallow end and you repeatedly experienced the waves coming to you. That is how it is with time; it comes to us like a dog bringing a ball.

Thus, we never have to act differently than we act to get to our future actions. When it is the future (3 seconds or years from now) we will already be in our action because it will be “now.” There is just something about the word itself that makes us tense up. Future. Feel that. Then notice that tensing is only a muscular contraction, a clenching that we can come out of by releasing our muscles (especially in the neck, face and head). But that doesn’t affect the way the clock moves. The clock moves by itself regardless of our tension. The future comes calmly, regularly and reliably. This assures us that we can be easy and still in ourself and never miss out on anything.

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