The Personal

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Today I got out of bed a bit later because I fell back to sleep. It took me some time to realize I had in fact fallen back to sleep as I was in a deep dream state and it felt like real life. I lied in bed and looked at people’s blogs who had liked or followed me, and that was fun. Then I got up and made applesauce and drank my usual new routine of water.

It has been a quiet day. A Saturday. The phone rang and I did not recognize the number so did not pick it up. I spent some time in the morning doing social media, journaling and editing Book 3. I was surprised about the latter, as it seemed I had let go of it for a few days. I am always amazed that I pick it up again, never believing I will really finish the book. I know I felt this way about the first two books as well.

It is kind of dreary outside, cooler than it’s been lately and so I have the heat on again. Then I get too hot, so I am opening the windows! This is such a precarious time of year with the seasons barely changing in Maine from winter to spring. We had so much wind here overnight I thought my windows were going to come smashing in! I keep checking my phone for updates on the news as during the week things escalated in terms of the Russia inquiry and I am hoping something big will happen soon so that we can feel like things are moving back to something semi-normal in our country. I know it will happen bit by bit, but the anticipation has me on the edge of my seat as if watching a television drama/thriller series!

I just switched places to write. I’m kind of bummed about it because I love the new window view I had, but the height and relationship of stool to table was not right, and it was aggravating my back. So now I am hopefully in a better place, only without the beautiful view. I just had a nice big bowl of soup and a piece of toast. I love eating. It is definitely one of my favorite things to do. I feel the warmth in the apartment again, I think I need to crack a window.


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