Why We Don’t Make Decisions

I can see what I am doing next, as next is already here now. My body is sturdily in its activity, its weight on a particular surface and the rest of my parts in their specific movements, while the clock moves automatically (Earth rotating on its own accord). This is our only action, ever, our physical activity in relation to our physical surroundings. Because next is always already now, we truly cannot prevent whatever our action may be (and have never been able to in the past either).

This is so strange to realize because of how we feel like our next action occurs, the decisions we believe we need to make to procure our next bit of activity. It really annihilates the concept of productivity by pointing out that we are always productive only, rather, judging the merit of each of our actions differently.

So look down to see what your body is doing next (knowing that the clock just moved making it the next second in time) to recognize that you never had to make a decision to be where you are in space. It is that simple, in reality, just painful to our mind that believes otherwise. It is painful because we live in the pressure of believing we must come up with a decision, a right choice of how to address the situations in our life. But this is an illusion. In a way we can say it’s an optical illusion. Instead of sensing our body’s weight and clearly seeing the rest of our parts moving around (or not), we read the story in our mind, following its train of logic while all the time we were already moved into our next action, our next choice, without ever having to make up our mind.


  1. Beautiful and direct pointing Jill to the mind and what it is doing that obscures the creative impulse of source, as we are.

    The mind is always judging the merit of action vs. no action. Yet, action is always happening.

    Such beauty to witness this process in your writing.


    1. Thank you so much Natasha! It means a lot to me when others sense this the way I do. It can be hard to relay that message through writing, so I am so pleased that it works for you :-).


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