We are concerned with what is coming next, what someone will do next, what will happen to us next. It appears to our mind that this is something we need to figure out. Is it true that we need to figure it out?

No. Before we can even blink, next is already here, next is already now. As seconds are the simplest unit we use to measure time, we can always see that we are already in the next second from this one. The clock just moved. That is how fast time moves from our perspective. We are already in the next second, which also means, before we even realize it, we are already in our next action. Our brain already decided what to do next for our organism. In the next second, we also see what others do and what is happening to or around us. Therefore, the answer to our question, what is coming next, is displayed to us without ever having to figure anything out.

Intellectualizing this knowledge is fascinating, but it is even more remarkable to internalize the awareness and feel how effortless reality really is. Just being in life, existing, automatically offers us all our next and next and next actions, without ever having to push forward or consciously do anything. Our brains make all our decisions for us, for better or worse, in coordination with the circumstances of life that are part of each of our worlds. The only perceived effort to move ourself forward in time is muscle tension. When we let ourself come out of this tension, we can see that we are, by default of being alive, already in our next activity (action).

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