Don’t Worship Your Ideas

If you want to worship something, worship the truth. What do I mean by the truth? I mean the things you do, not think about doing. The things we do are the only things we are supposed to do, as hard as that is to believe. How can we know this is true? Because anything we haven’t done (thus far) is physically impossible.

Since we can only act with our body, we can easily see our actions in the spaces we occupy, the places we take up physical space. Actions are physical activities in real time and involve our body interacting directly with its immediate environment. Even if we are sending an email to a person far away, our body is still in its space interacting directly with a computer or phone. Everything we do happens with our body in real time, in the spaces we occupy.

There is no way for our body not to exist, head included, if it does. It is easy to find out what we are doing in any given moment. We can look down and see our body in action with no doubt that what we see ourself physically doing is what we are doing. The activity may not line up with our interests, desires or ideas, but we cannot deny the reality of the event.

Because there is no way to occupy two spaces at once, divide or multiply ourself, or disappear from the space, our current physical activity is always the only action possible for us. It is real, and, therefore, the truth. Worshipping the truth is safe as it will never let us down. That doesn’t mean we won’t be disappointed or horrified with what we find, but we can be assured that it is what must be happening. That is a guarantee.

Worshipping ideas may feel hopeful, which of course can be comforting and useful to our state of happiness, but it can also be frustrating and maddening at times. At least by worshipping the truth we can know that we are always on the right track.

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