The Mind Can’t Know

We all have plans and things on our mind, even the most basic, that we assume will occur or that we will do. All the recent victims in Texas, Florida, The Virgin Islands, The US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Las Vegas had no reason to believe otherwise about their next days, weeks, months, years, etc.  And their plans and predictions just ended suddenly, or got altered or derailed.

My point here is that in each moment, no matter what we take to be real for our future, even 5 seconds away, is only speculation that cannot accurately predict anything that will happen. I like this because it proves that my thoughts truly don’t know anything, can’t know anything about a future time that has not yet arrived. No one has that knowledge.

We tend to believe our thoughts and they often tell us scary things about our future. But those predictions are based in fluff, non-knowledge. We can disregard their validity entirely. They are not of a source that could know anything for sure about our upcoming moments, as we have seen all too well lately.

Though my reference point in this entry is of misfortune, devastation and horror, we know that many good things also occur spontaneously and unexpectedly. It is for this end that I appreciate this message. Do not look to thoughts as a source of truth about your future life. They are uninformed. Only reality, as it shows itself in real time, displays the truth of what will happen for each of us.

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