Why this? It’s all there is. This is such a basic realization. Meanwhile, we spend our life negating it, doubting it, looking elsewhere.

I have no choice but to be where my body is. I watch. Touch your face to see that you are here. You can see your face with your eyes, parts of it at least, as you can see your whole body in its activity. There is no mystery to this reality. You don’t have to think about it. You can see it.

Weight. Movement. Why, where and when we have no idea. We have no way of knowing; just is. My body. No one else’s.

This is what is right. This is the only thing that is ever right. This appeals to me because it brings calm, knowledge and validation to the mind that is constantly attacking itself for being part of a system that is wrong. But the system is not wrong, only the mind is wrong in its miscalculation, its erroneous evaluation, its denial of the truth.

This is simply the body in its state of existence. No more complication than that. Simplicity. Onlyness. Only this is what I really want to say. Only this all the time.

Let it be peaceful. The nonnegotiability of this, for better or worse. The depth and precision of this. The stillness of this. That is a relief. The opportunity is always there to recognize that this is all there is. We don’t create the opportunity; it is just there for us if we can tune in to it. That is what is fleeting and unsure. We can only recognize the profundity and ease when we do, and sometimes we never do.

This. Magic. The world does itself. All together. Magical reality. As one. Focusing on what the body is doing in the moment. Seeing it. Being together with oneself. Noticing. Watch your body.

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