Accepting Real Time

Accepting reality means accepting real time. Whatever we do only happens in real time. We are a physical body that moves all day long. We call these movements activities. We move in relation to other physical entities. We interact physically with the ground we stand on, the furniture we sit and lie down on, the magazines, newspapers, books, computers and phones we touch and read, the pens, pencils and utensils we hold, the food we chew, taste and smell, the steering wheel we hold and turn, the noises we hear, the clothes we wear, and the people we see, touch and talk to. What we interact with we interact with physically, directly and in real time.

Everything we touch we touch with our limbs and skin. We are in direct contact. These interactions are our only real actions. Thoughts are not actions. They are physical events in the brain that translate into mental stories when they happen to surface in our conscious mind. These stories manifest as comments and descriptions of an imagined and speculative reality. But we don’t need to look to these stories to find out the truth about our life because our truth of action is displayed to us through our senses, in every moment we happen to be conscious of it. This is the only information we can receive to know anything about our real life in terms of what we should be doing. What we see, hear, touch, taste, smell and kinesthetically sense is our personal reality. Everything else is a thought.

We are all set. We don’t need our thoughts to tell us how we should be spending our time (acting). We are already doing it, automatically, just by being alive. Just watch.

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