How Can I Help You?

As all of you who follow my blog know, the content of my posts generally reflects the practice I have developed and embrace.  I tend to write in a somewhat academic manner. I would love to extend my blog into a more interactive approach.  Since this work I call, “Mindful Reality” is designed to be a self-inquiry practice (similar to Byron Katie’s work if you are familiar with that), I thought it would be useful for my readers to ask me to write about how to apply the work to certain issues/problems. If you are wondering how one can use the practice in day to day living, to address absolutely any issue, I would welcome that opportunity. Basically any irritant, mild to severe, that is on your mind (a problem in your life) would fit the mold.

The practice assists with any situation or thought that evokes:

fear, anxiety, regret, blame, guilt, self-judgment, excessive should thoughts, worry, general persistent mental stress, depression, negative self-talk, to name a few.

I welcome your questions. You can ask in a way that does not make it too personal but gets to the general point, and I will be happy to respond with a comment or even a post that speaks to that issue.



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