Find Out What You Do

How do we know what we do? We see ourself in our action. Our body, a physical entity, giving its weight to some surface (a chair, couch, floor) simply because of its inherent relationship to gravity. We can look more closely and see the full activity we are engaged in (writing, typing, walking, cooking, etc.). So, the way we know what we are doing is by observing, finding out, in the same way we discover what the weather is doing on a given day, or in a specific moment. We observe our body as it is in action, really after the fact by the time it registers in our conscious mind. We see something specific, maybe what we hoped for, maybe not. But we understand that it is absolute, i.e., we must be doing what we find ourself doing, despite what our intentions or desires may have been, or still are. In this way, reality overrides interest, and so it is undeniable, irrefutable, at least for this moment, that this is what we should be doing. We can find peace in the knowledge that our physical reality dictates what we do, always. For every moment in our life, we can rest in this truth.

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