The Things We Do

The things we do are the things we are supposed to do. There is no truth out there that holds the key to the information of how we should be living our life outside of exactly how we live our life. This entails every single move we make. When I say move, I mean move, as in movement. As life in real time is the simplicity of our body moving physically through its activities, everything we do is physical. Since there is no part of us that exists outside our physical body (our head included), where we find ourself (our whole body), moment to moment, is the reality of our path of action. It doesn’t matter what plans we set up in our mind about how we believe we should be spending our time. How we spend our time is our true path of action, and, therefore, the right one. Every move we make is correct.


  1. Amen to that! As babies, we simply expressed our emotions and tried different ways to meet our needs. May we all find our way back to that state of self-accepting vitality to move towards joy and life!


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