One Action

Because we cannot divide time into segments, our body is really in one stream of physical movement from the moment it is conceived (and of course continuous with the moment before that). There is no beginning or end to our activities even though we identify them in our mind as specific individual actions. In the same way Earth continually rotates and there is truly no delineation between one day and another, our “doings” are not separated by time increments either. Rather, we are each in one ongoing action, or, one action from conception to death. A moment cannot be considered a second any more than it can 90 years.

I find this useful in understanding that all of my actions are physically tied together and therefore necessary. They are part of the same source of physical movement, i.e., my body moving, which is all actions/activities/doings ever are. This being the case, no one of my actions can be more important than another, or more relevant to the outcomes of situations that occur. Consequently, every move we make is equally important, relevant and necessary to our one life, our one action that occurs in the continual moment we call time.


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