Follow Nothing

Though it feels nice to have a mental focus, a goal to follow something in our mind, or as some say, in our heart, in reality there is no need to attach to anything like that. Because our body is always in some activity, i.e., always doing something physical, actual, in real time, we can just see what that is to “know” what we should be doing with our time, and thus our life.

I say “should” because that thing we are doing is the only action/activity available to us, as the body is the only real actor in time and space. It doesn’t hurt anything to focus on a phrase like, “follow your heart,” “follow your intuition,” “follow your dream,” etc., but it is not at all necessary to make things happen. If we look down and see what we are doing now, we can recognize the continual now, i.e., the natural state of our body’s action turning into the next and next and next, whether we mentally pay attention to these phrases or not. There can be no question that we will be shown the correct thing to do (as we will already be doing it), even if it doesn’t line up with a belief regarding our heart feelings, our intuition or our dream. It also comes for free, as one can never not be engaged in some activity by virtue of being alive.


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