Confusion is Correct

From Body Over Mind:

Confusion is Correct

It is helpful to know that we do not create the conflicts in our life any more than we create anything else.  Sometimes we find ourself in a snag with a friend, a partner, or a family member that arises out of thin air.  Despite the unexpected nature of the flare-up, we look back and still think we could have prevented it.  But really we were just there, suddenly inside of the incident, which simply proceeded the moment before it.  In each second life has us doing what we are doing, and there is truly no getting around that.

We often blame ourself for being in a state of confusion, as we believe we are personally responsible for our predicaments and our lack of power to understand and fix them.  If, however, we do not yet know more about how something is going, then we are not supposed to.  What is incorrect is any thought that suggests it is possible for our life to be going any other way than it is.

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