This is the Answer to That

When thinking about problems in our life we look for answers. That is what our mind does; it hunts around for the issues that are thorny in our life and tries to find solutions. It does this with everything that comes up mentally for us.
As I have discussed in all of my writings, the only thing that we can ever do is what our body is doing physically. Action can only take place by our body, as doing is an actual activity that occurs in real time, and our body can only be accessed in the present moment. We exist here, now, and not in some other dimension.
So when we are thinking about doing something to address or fix a situation, what are we actually thinking about? We are thinking about executing an action. We want to act on our concern. We want to do something. Our mind believes that there is some action out there that we could do that would make everything better.
If action is what we are looking for, then where can we find it? How do we make it happen? Well, we get all of our actions for free in fact. We don’t ever have to make action happen because action is simply our body’s existence in relation to whatever it is interacting with. Currently, I am typing on the computer and sitting on my living room couch. That is my present state action (actually it is already over by the time I mention it but it is the closest I can get to knowing what I am doing now). My current action will always be the only possibility for action that I can ever personally achieve. It must be happening now, and it must be happening by my body.
So how does this connect to my dilemma of fixing a situation in my life? I have a problem, and I have a solution. I have something that requires action and I have an available action. It is this. This (the state of my physical existence in the present moment) is the only action that I will ever have so it is the answer to my problem even if it does not seem the least bit related. This is the truth because there is no other fictitious solution (action) that exists out there that can address my particular problem. My mind can be calm knowing that I am doing everything I could possibly do with this current action. Again, there is a perceived problem looking for an action to solve it. Action is only what my body does in real time. So this is the answer to that.






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