Praises for “The Myth of Doing”

“The Myth of Doing shatters the illusion of free will. Rather than discouraging us with this awareness, Eng presents an alternative vision that allows us to access inner peace and clarity.”

—Maxine Sclar, Clinical Social Worker

“In this well-grounded book, Ms. Eng eloquently helps to put the argument of free will to rest. Distilling the wisdom of the past and present-day, she makes perfectly clear the meaning of now, so the future can take care of itself. Eng reveals that the mysterious conductor of our life’s orchestra is the Universe, and when we let ourself experience its inherent harmonies, we realize the complete freedom that already exists.”

—Susannah Sanfilippo, Certified Yoga Instructor, MindBody Educator, Artist

“Eng’s work raises the questions: What if one could truly walk in another’s shoes? Would one, being that person, act otherwise than he or she acts? Could one act differently? The Myth of Doing teaches us that if we want to know ourselves, we must look only to the present moment. Know thyself. Read this book!”

—Christopher Miller, Writer


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