New Book!

My new book, The Myth of Doing: managing guilt, shame, anxiety, regret and self-judgment is now available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle (you can also order this book from any bookstore).  Here is the link and below is a description of the book:

This book validates who we are and what we do, despite our mind’s disapproving theories. The Myth of Doing speaks to the awareness that the mere state of being alive automatically puts us into activity, which means we are bound to whatever that action is in any particular moment. Drawing from eastern philosophies, naturalism, determinism, neuroscience, psychology and the Alexander Technique, all which illuminate non-dualistic perspectives on the human experience, Eng uses original language in directing us toward our own physical reality, which she brought to light in her first book, Body Over Mind. She now immerses us into the free will debate by highlighting the involuntarism of human behavior and our birthright to being part of the scientific, natural world. Acknowledgement of our interconnectedness with the cosmos can emotionally support us in our journey through our unique, personal timeline. Because our behavior is a result of physical laws and part of a causal chain that encompasses the entire universe, we can realize that the self-judging, inner criticism we commonly experience is based in illusion. As each of us must be on the single path we are on, this body of work Eng calls Mindful Reality can serve as a counterpoint to the mental efforts and pressures we assume necessary to carry out all of our choices and actions.


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