We Are Always Productive

From my book, Body Over Mind, A Mindful Reality Check

Many of us criticize ourself for being inactive; we feel like we do not do enough with our time, or we do the wrong things. What is indispensable for countering this judgment is the knowledge that we can only, ever, be doing the thing we are doing, regardless of the value we or others put on it. Though we cannot avoid feeling sad over the fact that our life may not be going the way we had hoped, recognizing that we really do not have the power to influence our behavior might alleviate some of our self-criticism. As an emotional consolation it would be helpful if we could take our life seriously, know that everything we do is legitimate, and understand that the way we act is more correct than what our mind thinks is best, even if we do not understand why. We are always productive, and we are always doing enough, because anything other than what we do is physically impossible.

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