A Thought is a Thought is a Thought

All day long thoughts tell us what we should be doing and what should be happening in our life.  It is so completely natural for us to believe these internal recordings that feel so right and familiar.  How can it be that these programs are wrong?

In my work, which is similar to that of Byron Katie, I use reality as a means to disprove thought patterns that we tend to automatically assume are correct in their information.  Through this lens all thoughts are incorrect until proven otherwise.  Whereas some thoughts are easy to disbelieve, other deeper more serious ones really convince us of their truth.  These I suppose reside closer to our psychological conditioning and cultural patterning.

It is my interest and challenge to keep retraining my greater awareness to recognize that all thoughts are just thoughts, and that none are to be trusted as accurate until their messages are manifested in reality.  I find it liberating to know that no mental story has any power over what actually happens in a person’s life and that the propaganda inherent in strong belief patterns can be disproven and written off as myth as much as any storybook tale.

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