Nothing to Figure Out

The only action that will ever be available to me in any given moment is that which I am already doing.  Action, what we call doing, is physical, and can only be executed by the body through its momentary activity.  Some examples are: I am sitting in a chair, talking to a friend, writing a letter, looking out the window.

Since I only have one body to act with, my particular activity is my only option for the moment I am in.  This means that I will never have to figure out what to do to fix my problems because my body will only be able to do the thing it is already doing (even if that action has nothing to do with my problem).  This reality feels very counterintuitive to us and the mind will never naturally accept its truth.  Nevertheless, it is true.

The other reason we can let go of the burdensome feeling of having to figure out what to do with our problems (or our time) is because our body moves through time by itself from one moment to the next.  Activity does itself (whether we like what we’re doing or not) and we can rely on that movement as much as we rely on the fact that when we wake in the morning there will be a sky above us and a ground beneath us.  Our body moves through its activities involuntarily, as our heart beats and our lungs breathe without our direct assistance.  The only burden we really have to contend with is our self judgment that tends to present regarding the way we manage our lives.  We can just remember that our thoughts are wrong if they do not actually line up with our behavior.  Actions are actual while thoughts are merely speculative.


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